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As Your Doula, I Will...

Free Consultation 

I offer a free consultation, by phone or video chat, to all potential clients.  During this consultation we will discuss your pregnancy so far, what your expectations are, and concerns you may have.

Phone & Email Support 

Once a contract is signed you will have unlimited text, email and phone support from me.  I will respond to your request as needed during business hours, and I will respond outside of business hours in emergency situations.  


2 Prenatal Visits 

In the prenatal visits we will create your birth wishes and postpartum plan.  We discuss everything from diet and exercise, labor and comfort measures, what to expect after your baby arrives and everything in between.

As a Doula, I  Do Not...

Perform any clinical tasks

I offer pregnancy. labor/delivery, postpartum and lactation support.  I am not able to help with any medical tasks. 

During labor 

I will do my best to make sure that you feel heard and your needs are met.  I will work to make you comfortable and offer different strategies for pain management.  I will also guide your partner and/ or support team as they support you through your labor and delivery.  

Make decisions for you 

I will be there to help make sure that your birth plan is followed and to educate you on issues when they arise, but you as the birthing person, you and your partner have the final say in all decisions, medical or otherwise. 

Baby’s first feeding Support 

After your baby is born I will stay with you for an hour or two to help you with your first feeding, and skin to skin with both parents.

Community Referrals

Available upon request.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

My goal is to support the birthing person and make sure their needs are met.  I also aim to make sure the partner and support team feel empowered.   It is not my job to take their place or make your labor be what I think it should be.  I will do my best to help your vision of labor come true.  

Postpartum follow-up visit 

During this visit we will discuss healing after birth, nursing,  and how to care for your baby.  I will also assist you in light house keeping, putting together baby items, or just rocking your baby so you can sleep if needed.  Additional postpartum visits are available at an additional cost.   

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