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Doula'd By Janae

About me

I am a wife, daughter, sister and mother of three.  I am from the Bay Area and have lived here all of my life.  I grew up in a loving home with parents who opened our home to foster children, and a mother who was a family child care provider.  There was always a baby in the house. I learned from my mother not only how to care for infants, but for all of those around me.  


I hold a B.A. in psychology from CSUEB.  I spent 12 wonderful years working with children with special needs from pre-school to 12th grade.  In 2016 after the birth of my youngest child, I trained to be a Full Circle Doula through the International Center for Traditional Child Bearing.  I am a Full Circle Doula, which means I offer education, support and care throughout your pregnancy, during labor/delivery and postpartum care and support for baby, and family.   I love the Full Circle Doula model because I am able to provide continuity of care from pregnancy to postpartum in the tradition of the Granny Midwives.

I also trained with the National Black Doulas Association in 2020.  I am certified through this organization and also a member of the NBDA.  I have assisted over 100 families through pregnancy, labor and birth!

The statistics for infant and maternal mortality rates in the US and especially in the Black community, fueled me to want to work with pregnant families.   My goal is to help, educate, comfort, support and increase positive birth experiences for any birthing person and their families!  I welcome the opportunity to work with all family structures. 


My Philosophy
My Training

I understand that pregnancy, labor and postpartum can be exciting and scary at the same time.  My goal is to assist women and families in any way possible during this special time.  I am here to support, educate and encourage.  I believe that when it comes to labor, its your birth.  My job is to make sure you are educated and understand your options so yoyu can make the best choices for your birth. 

  • Trained through the International Center for       Traditional Child Bearing in 2016  

  •  Trained and certified through the National Black   Doulas Association  in 2020

  • HIPPA certified through happyMama 2023

I am extremely grateful to the caring consideration and diligent service Janae provided.  Childbirth can be a scary thing if you are not well prepared with information,  From the moment I came into contact with Janae I felt at ease about becoming a first time mother.  Janae has assisted since day one and continue to provide nurturing guidance for both mother and baby.  I am eternally grateful Angel T.

"Janae was the doula during the birth of my son.  She was a wonderful source of comfort and support for my wife and I.  She was ready to step in at anytime.  (And I do mean anytime, we were at the hospital a long time.)  It was hard to truly prepare for the experience of child birth.  The whole experience was such a slow moving whirlwind of thoughts and emotions.  It seemed like there were so many things happening in the labor and delivery room.  It was a relief to know Janae was keeping her eye on all the details that she knew were important to us.  She did a lot of little things for us during the long labor that I didn't even know could or should be done.  Janae's positivity and knowledge helped lowere our stress and anxiety.  She allowed us to enjoy the moment without feeling totally overwhelmed.  My family was lucky to have Janae as our doula.

Nick (happy new dad)

"Janae was the doula for the birth of my grandson in April of 2019.  Both of us were present to provide support for my daughter-in-law Christina, and my son Nick, during a long and difficult 2 day labor.  I was so impressed with Janae's sensitivity and skill.  She sensed what Christina needed and provided just the right comfort measures and anticipatory guidance.  Her calm and consistent presence was a source of strength and guidance for both Christina and Nick.  I highly recommend Janae.  She has the knowledge, skills and temperament required.  She is an amazing doula."

Linda (retired nurse midwife and new grandma

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