As a doula my goal is to make mothers

feel beautiful, loved and respected during this most

intimate time of life.   I believe all births and

pregnancies are beautiful and should be

celebrated.  God has given women a wonderful

gift of being able to create life and bring it into

the world. You are the chosen vessel that delivers

a new soul unto this earth, and for that, you deserve

to be celebrated.  I would like nothing more than

to help you to find the beauty in your pregnancy

and birth.

Studies show that using a doula will...

  • decrease the risk of infant mortality

  • increase your success with breastfeeding

  • lower your chances of having a c-section

  • lower your chances of having an epidural or needing pain medication

  • decrease the actual amount of time that you are in labor

Doula'd by Janae serves families in the San Francisco Bay Area.